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  • Sanyam Kohli Digital Branding Director

    Passionate digital marketing specialist with entrepreneurial skill set. She has been part of creative teams providing services to enterprises by leveraging internet and mobile communications technologies.Smart ideas generate awesome outputs that's what she is blessed with.

    Earned a Degree in Science, Masters in Marketing, SAP HR - Consultant, Diploma in Web Development. Such is her love for IT that she keeps herself engaged in learning various applications or platforms just for fun apart from her Digital inclinations.

    Her career path was shaped from Business Development with intensive experience in Banking/Insurance, IT and IT enabled services industry. She is Co founder of am2pmshoppe the eCommerce venture in India, also associated as consultant - Digital Marketing with Visions.

    As an expert gifted with a strong visual insight, deep analytic skills she has helped various clients from different industries in large to maximize their online presence.

  • Alex Franklin Mblondo Assonhadjeu Field Manager - Cameroon

    Alex has a Bachelor Degree in Accounting and Finance from the University of Dschang. He graduated with honors, being the top student of his graduating class.

    Alex’s seminal work on modern economic issues facing Africa in general and Cameroon in particular captured the attention of the World Bank officials who awarded him recognition during his presentation. He has expertise in auditing, financial planning, cash flow analysis, payroll, project management, and treasury.

    Alex brings his expertise in the IT field. He will be glad to answer any question you may have and he is also available for consulting services. His challenge is to make the world a better place through rigorous work. He is currently pursuing is Master’s degree in Accounting and Audit control.

  • Jack Mark Pinto Mentor

    Has a degree in commerce and marketing Management. He is a Mission - oriented leader with proven success of 18 years’ in sales and marketing of a wide spectrum of Industries like Logistics, Biotechnology. He is a proactive planner with expertise in strategic planning, market plan execution and key account management with skills in forecasting, market analysis, staffing & targeted marketing.

    Recognized proficiency in steering a wide gamut of activities such as sales, marketing, competitor analysis and strategic planning, setting-up of the entire Sales Operations. An innovative thinker with a proven record of increasing revenues, streamlining workflow, evolving effective operational procedures and creating a teamwork environment to enhance profitability.

    An effective communicator with exceptional presentation skills and abilities in building business partnerships, leading cross - cultural teams and establishing beneficial relationships with key players in the industry. A team player with demonstrative competence in building and mentoring teams.

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