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How to get actionable results, insights from your surveys.

How to get actionable results, insights from your surveys.


Are you focusing on achieving a goal which helps in taking intelligent business decisions, take out time to write great Surveys, as they play a prominent role in achieving your goals.


Few tips on how to get the responses for a successful survey


1. Choose the most appropriate type of question. Type of questions Open ended that need the respondents to write comments or Close ended questions where respondents need to choose from the options provided like multiple choice, rating scales to name a few. From our rich experience in survey Cloud Techno Partner  recommends Close ended questions as these increase your response rates. People spend less time on survey which makes them easy to accomplish task.

2. Keep it short and simple no industry jargon or technical questions. Use simple details to ask a question else respondents who fail to understand your question might quit the survey or answer randomly.

3. Ask one point at a time do not mix multiple topics to avoid confusion.

4. Avoid inserting your own opinion into the question as these will bias the answers.

5. Inform customers to participate in quarterly surveys, which will help your business to evolve as a customer centric organization. This makes them feel obligated as their opinion hold value.

6. Reminders are the best way to shoot the response rate. Just an email reminder works wonders.

7. Avoid spamming words like act now, sign in, free etc.

8. Send emails from official email ids of representatives who have good rapport with the clients.

Always remember mail survey response rates must be more than 50% to get the valuable results.

You can use the customer feedback to build great products or services which solve a problem.


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