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Tips for a Newly Appointed Professional …

Tips for a Newly Appointed Professional …



Boss makes you feel fearful – its their problem – YOU’RE AN INVESTMENT in the FUTURE of the Company.

Forget Keep It Short & Simple – Keep It Simple & Strong be it your CVs, Portfolios or Business Presentations just focus on the key elements & diversity. There is a lot to read so try to break through.

Believe in Doable – 10% extra effort .. like waking up till 3 am in the morning to wind up a project.

Speak valid with confidence – its all about communicating your passion. Be aware of how you look, speak, stand, smile.

Have a point of view but learn to change it as with time, we realise our point wasn’t always correct which is result of our never ending learning.

Try to give a sense of optimism – anything can be resolved just think about it and work about it experienced people will judge you better.

Empower yourself to resolve your own situation & your future. No one will give their 100% to help you.

Just Believe it will all turn out to be better than just fine one day. Have another dream if the first one is not good enough you have other options.


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