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How to get actionable results, insights from your surveys.


Are you focusing on achieving a goal which helps in taking intelligent business decisions, take out time to write great Surveys, as they play a prominent role in achieving your goals.

Few tips on how to get the responses for a successful survey

1. Choose the most appropriate type of question. Type of questions Open ended that need the respondents to write comments […]

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Digital Advertising – Retail Outspend Other Industries

Digital Marketing

Which includes paid advertising and unpaid strategies, lately we have seen exponential rise in spending in these promotional mix.  US retail will invest $15 billion in paid online and mobile media advertising in 2016.  Which will grow more than 11.9% compound annual growth rate ( CAGR) between 2015 and 2020 as per eMarketer report.

Retail includes brick and mortar, online […]

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Tips for a Newly Appointed Professional …



Boss makes you feel fearful – its their problem – YOU’RE AN INVESTMENT in the FUTURE of the Company.

Forget Keep It Short & Simple – Keep It Simple & Strong be it your CVs, Portfolios or Business Presentations just focus on the key elements & diversity. There is a lot to read so try to break through.

Believe in Doable – […]

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Benefits of Animation in Business

Animation gives a stage to organizations to help the world understand their offerings in particular to their organization. There is a developing pattern for organizations to utilize liveliness to help market themselves in an extremely requesting computerized world.

An online animation in business intended to energize more youngsters and organizations to cooperate to enhance their nearby groups, has been started today.

On the […]

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Boost Your Business Through Online Marketing

A standout approach.The most important thing in building a business is to market it and advertise the products or services you bring to the table. This will thus produce bargains, build your client base and at last prompt benefits being earned.
Every Business begins with an intention to gain the max return on investment. After your business exercise begins, it is […]

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