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The content experts in our team know Creativity and Content are the kings.

Team CTP has rich experience in managing diverse portfolios. Across new mobile and digital channels, ranging from PCs to tablets to smartphones to ebook Readers.

Our services are oriented towards your brand creation and revenue growth.
Firstly, we put our heart to research how the audience desires to consume any information.

Secondly, all our custom content plans also dictate how we bring the message to your market. Certainly, we have the experience to implement the best solution.

We Discuss Design Develop and Digitally Promote Effective Content which is consistent, ongoing valuable information to buyers. Surely, they will reward you with their business and loyalty.
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What is content marketing?

Content marketing is a must-have digital marketing strategy. Simply put content drives awareness, promotes and boost your site’s rankings in search engine results. Additionally, increases conversion rates and your company revenue. 

After all its about building trust with your audience, engaging them. Making them interested in products and services.

Content can be of a various type also known as online assets including :

  • Blog Content
  • Guides
  • Infographics
  • Videos
  • Social media content
  • Ebooks
  • Mini marketing sites
  • User-friendly applications
  • Online catalogs
  • Reviews
  • Quiz
  • Website Content

Benefits of Content Marketing

Content Marketing Services, in essence, are crucial for all digital marketing channels including :

Social media marketing:

After all, Content is the key ingredient of a successful social media marketing strategy. Definitely, Video content marketing is one of the most effective tools out there.


Obviously, Search engines reward websites that publish quality, consistent content.


Successful PR strategies certainly address issues readers care about. It is not only about the onetime sale.


You certainly need great content for PPC to work.

Inbound marketing:

Content is important for driving inbound traffic and leads.

Email Marketing:

Content-rich emails surely have a better response from the users.

Conversion Optimization:

Great content engages visitors and encourages them to click that call to action.  Including, buy now button, sign up for a newsletter or another goal.

Our Comprehensive Content Marketing Services

Let’s see what we can do for your business success?

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Channels include:

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google My Business and more. They are the perfect place to share your content for maximizing your reach.

To engage with the vast pool of audience visiting social media every day.  Businesses definitely need a great content strategy.

Similarly, the key to success is diving into persuasion tactics.

Our content has the ability to stir up emotion in your reader. Draw people in with the right tone and messaging, captivating headlines and optimized Call to Actions.

Our content curators create custom content.  Then share it on social media to boost brand awareness.  This helps brands to earn more connections.

Definitely, people will have questions about your offers. Our team can easily respond to those questions on your behalf too.


Craft copy that sells, generates more clicks, more subscribers, more revenue.

Copywriting is the act of writing text also known as a Copy, for use in marketing campaigns.

By and Large, Copy can be of any type including :

Slogans, blog posts, website content,  brochures, newsletters, and social media content to name a few.

Plus, it aids in building brand recognition. Our content creators use the right keywords and other SEO elements into content.

But this is done as naturally as possible. Because the content is produced to please both human audiences and search engine bots.  Likewise, web surfers search engines love fresh and quality content too.

Email Marketing Services

In the world where online advertising is becoming expensive and inboxes are crowded, how do you plan to lead?

We offer email marketing services starting from. Building your email subscriber list to share your valuable content directly with your existing & prospective customers.

The custom content strategies are targeted to reward users visiting your website or physical store. We encourage them to subscribe to your promotional email newsletters for sure. Regular emails definitely, work great as reminders about your business.

Our experts’ craft optimized email design, coupled with meaningful and compelling messages. Additionally, share them with users who are interested in your services or products.  Also, manage email marketing campaigns that bring in real clicks and sales.

93% of B2B marketers report using email to distribute their content. 

Infographics And Motion Graphics

Human brains are wired to process visuals faster than text. And our team loves the creative stuff.

Visuals including infographics, pictures, motion graphics. Engage your audience and make your content more memorable. A win-win situation for your business.

Is it difficult to explain a complex product or service?

Do not worry we have the ideal solution. Information is easy to understand if we break it down to simpler smaller chunks.

We offer content that explains your products and services, to your prospects and existing customers in a simpler manner. This encourages them to make more informed decisions and do business with you.

Video Marketing

Use Web-based video to boost engagement and interaction with your brand. Moreover, your chances to rank on the first page of Google results also increases more than 50%.

Our content marketing agency offers services like
  • Creating custom videos for your website, social media ads, emails, and more.
  • Most of the videos are instructional or informational, highlighting product or service details. Videos about your Business values, vision, mission & more. Demo videos showing how product or service works, how it is made what are its unique selling propositions.
How to do videos showing tips & tricks for a service they need help with.
  • Office Or Store Videos showcasing your stock or work environment.
  • Client testimonial videos ( More than 56% consumers say testimonials are important & helpful). Build social proof.
  • Interview of Customer,  3rd party expert, In-house expert

A mix of images & informative text works wonders too. Videos under 60 secs, with a transcript, are a great product. They can be watched in silent mode too.

We also help your promoting videos on social media channels & video platforms like Youtube, Vimeo & more.

Keyword Research

Understanding your audience, products, competition, and more is vital for your online success. Indeed it is crucial to analyze a Keyword’s user intent.

What is it that the user is trying to search by using this keyword?

Each piece is tailored to buyer personas in different parts of the customer’s journey. For this reason, our marketing experts finalize high performing valuable Keywords.

These key phrases are then used to answer user queries. By providing valuable information about your products & services.

We manage complete paid promotion campaigns. Including, Pay Per Click Campaigns and Paid Facebook ads. Additionally, we design optimized Landing pages and microsites too.

Paid Promotions

We manage complete paid promotion campaigns. Including, Pay Per Click Campaigns and Paid Facebook ads. Additionally, we design optimized Landing pages and microsites too.

Ebooks / Guides / PPTs / Slideshares / Case Studies

In-depth content on topics & questions users are searching online helps in solving their queries & encouraging them to interact with your business. This leads to building trust & hence closing leads.

Search Engine Optimization ( SEO)

Simply put SEO is all about optimizing your content for users and search engines or computer algorithms. Every page on your website which seeks attention needs a compelling title tag and meta description.

Read More About SEO

Call To Action Powered Assets

Our Digital assets include Digital Magazines, Digital Flyers, Checklists, Forms, Quiz, Survey, and Contest.

They help in engaging your audience and collecting information about them. This makes it easy to understand better. Marketing a product requires deep knowledge about your consumer. And Team CTP is expert in these strategies.


Blog is a great platform to share valuable information, regular updates, and other important stuff with your audience. This encourages people to take the next steps, closing more deals.

Our custom content plan works wonders and helps you connect with more audience. Informational Articles and Guides over 2,000 words coupled with relevant videos and graphics are best. They surely help in ranking on Google.

Developing A Content Strategy

1. Research

Audience research is the key to success.
Your content should be tailored, based
on your user segment.

2. Engagement

Focus on engagement marketing,
rewarding your audience to
participate in conversations.

3. Implementation

Implement a strong
distribution strategy
for relevant
traffic maximization.

4. Success

Experience and value are central to
content marketing campaigns.
They certainly, help in retaining the relevant
audience. Looking for solutions
to the problems and challenges
you are trying to solve.

Role of Our Content Marketers

Content marketing powered by amazing SEO and Social Media Marketing can do wonders.

As has been noted, searches begin with Google Search Engine and Google map. Your top ranking spots will definitely make a great difference to your business.

In the first place, our amazing content curators help you achieve those top spots. Secondly, our content assets are impactful as they help in boosting your SEO. You get some of the best backlinks from reputable websites.

In the long run, by sharing valuable content online we help your business grow as an authority in your industry.

The content marketer in our team creates content resonating with prospective customers on a personal level.

This is a result of the hours we spend with you understanding your market and problems you are trying to solve.

It is part of our strategy to provide tailored content experiences. Based on topics and buyer personas with higher Click Through Rate.

Our breadth of experience in content management will help you generate better ROIs.

How to measure the effectiveness of Content Marketing Services?

To sum up return on your marketing efforts some key metrics are really helpful.
Engagement metrics

Such as Likes, shares, comments on social media posts tell you about the effectiveness of your content marketing. The more useful and interesting content certainly drives a large number of likes, comments, and shares.

Quality Blog posts generate great comments too.  Such posts can easily be shared on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other platforms.

Clicks and Time Spent on your Page

This information definitely gives you an idea about how well is the content working. Google Analytics and content marketing analytics comes in handy for such information.


Guides and Infographics providing value are important assets. The more they are downloaded the better. As it shows you are reaching the right customer segment.


Such as subscriptions and memberships show that your content is reaching the right audience and that they trust your brand.

Engagement is the Key to Online Success.

Content experience user’s face determines your relationship with them. Hence leaving consumers with a favorable impression of the said brand is important.

No matter how long Content marketing takes to produce great results. It pays dividends as it grows old too.

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