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Internet Marketing is Fundamental Part of every Organization.

The crux of a good digital marketing agency is. It provides amazing search engine marketing, content marketing strategies, and services. Certainly, helps businesses reach their goals. Drives traffic to your online assets and supports you convert your website visitors into high paying loyal customers.

Curious to know more about our online marketing services. And how our search engine marketing strategies can help your revenue grow with each passing year.

Let’s Start! with introducing digital marketing.


What Is Digital Marketing?

You have a great product or service solving a real-life problem, effectively. But you are looking for ways to connect with the right audience. To sell that amazing stuff or offer that service. This is where Digital Marketing comes into play.

Digital marketing definition –

Digital Marketing is an efficient use of the latest digital technologies including the Internet, mobile phones and other wonderful digital mediums to promote products or services.

Also called Online marketing, Internet marketing  and Web marketing. Keep note this is one of the best tools provided to us the humans.

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How Can Our Online Marketing Services Help Your Business?

What digital marketing agency can do for your growth?
Online Marketing Strategies

No matter where you are on your Online Marketing Journey,  Cloud Techno Partner has an amazing search engine marketing solution to help you save some money and grow your business faster.


We help you reach your ideal target audience, drastically Increase Conversion Rates.  Enhance your presence on search.

Work with our high performing digital marketers and analysts.

Our Web Marketing Consultant taking care of your project genuinely cares about your business success & growth. Not just short-term results. We help small- and medium-sized businesses maximize results from their online marketing campaigns.


By Implement our Effective & High Performing Online Marketing Strategies. We assure you of greater Targeted Loyal Customer Base.





Key Takeaway: If you have one or more rough patches in your online marketing including:

  1. Lack of website traffic
  2. Low website conversion
  3. Poor email marketing opt-in rate
  4. Awful social media channel engagement
  5. And you are very serious about getting instant high-quality results.

Contact us now for performing tactics that will convert fast.

The Benefit of Internet Marketing for Small Business


In the digital era, most of the consumers research for higher-priced products online. They search for best deals & promotions, product information, product reviews and more.

Internet Marketing for Small Business


As more and more decisions are made online first without consulting any salesperson. Your online presence is very important.

Digital marketing campaigns which help in boosting your content & optimizing it are becoming more prevalent and efficient.



Social media channels play a major role in digital marketing. They are a wonderful medium for brands & its customers to interact directly & build trust. Just provide information valuable to users.

Facebook has more than 2.27 billion monthly active users,  and the total number of YouTube monthly viewers worldwide is over 149 million.

Online channels provide you with an easy mode to manage product or service feedback. These feedbacks from other customers are trusted more than a paid advertisement.

On the other hand, you can provide online customer support 24/7 & make customers feel valued.


Helps in publishing targeted ads in front of an interested audience, who either visited your website or showed interest in similar product or service. These are kind of reminders to your prospects about your business which helps in building trust.

Today’s customer is plugged in all of the time. Is Tech Savvy & well equipped with ways to ignore the online distractions. You need a proper content marketing strategy to reach your best-targeted audience.

Digital Marketing Vs Other Offline Marketing Channels

Wonderful Offline Channels Including:

  1. Television
  2. Magazines
  3. Newspapers
  4. Radio.

Have played a major role in the past & will continue to have success in the long run.

Digital Marketing Media Channels Including:
  1. Owned – These are the channels that you own; e.g your website, blog, email newsletter, social media pages.
  2. Paid – These are channels that you pay for to target specific audiences; e.g Google Adwords, social media paid ads, display ads etc
  3. Earned – These are marketing channels which are earned by sharing  E.g Facebook post shares, mentions, and reviews.

Top Difference Between Online and Offline Marketing :

Data-driven customer centric marketing –

When it comes to measuring the impact of our precious marketing dollars on these offline channels. It is a cumbersome task. But we had few choices so we used them.

On the other hand, digital marketing channels provide us with best-advanced means to measure actual business value delivered by our marketing dollars.

This is where web analytics comes into play.  You can measure the number of impressions of your ads, the number of visitors who visited your website.  All with at least 90+% accuracy.

This is no limit we can even target based on demographic & psychographic attributes of website visitors.

Better competitor analysis –

Your competition is just a click away. What your competition is doing offline is hard to analyze.

Cost of Marketing

Online is 62% less than traditional marketing. Above all, it generates approx 3 times as many leads as traditional marketing for every dollar spent.

Enhanced Visitor Loyalty Powered Marketing Tactics 

Offline channels kind of interrupt the audience. Just think of the radio ad or the tv ad that plays in between of your favorite show. They follow the push strategy which is very irritating for many consumers.

But my dear friends’ online marketing helps us build visitor loyalty by implementing well targeted inbound marketing campaigns.

Consumers out there are constantly seeking out information. As marketers, it is our responsibility to answer their questions or help them understand a particular topic in the best possible way.

It is only when you share your knowledge, you build trust & encourage them to try your services or products.

Ease & Pace of Communication –

The speed with which business gets feedback, implement it is the fastest ever seen. The digital era provides you the best opportunities & means to connect with your customers & help them feel valued. Nothing less than a long term relation.

Takeaway: Internet marketing is faster, more impactful & more accountable for your business. Yet it has a lower cost than Offline.

Our Digital Marketing Services

The digital marketing pricing is dependent upon the services you opt for. If you are interested in knowing more about our digital marketing consulting. Talk to our expert today!

Search Engine Optimization Services


Boost your website rank in search engines like Google for keywords & phrases related to your business.


On-page and off-page are two components of SEO

On Page refers to optimization of your website like :

  • Adding keywords to your URLs, page titles, and headings.
  • Creating and updating content about your products and services.
  • Analysis & implementation of tactics to improve website conversion.

Off-page SEO refers to earning backlinks to your website from other reputable sites.

Seo can be Local or International depending upon your audience & market.

Google Maps placement is important for local seo & we help you maintain that in your local area.



Harness the power of Social Media Channels & Online communities to connect with your targeted audience & current customers.


Create profiles on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, Tumblr, Google+, and more.

Cloud Techno Partner has experienced social media marketers that engage audiences and generate real results.

Use social media posts to Involve your customers & prospects in your new product rollouts, user-testing is a great tool. Reward them with a free membership or tickets to their favorite theater show. Discover best product bundles, pricing you may never have thought of.



Generate online leads effectively with powerful infographics, blog posts, ebooks, guides, videos, photos, and other original content.


To point out these links from other reputable sites. Help your website surely rank higher in search engine results.

Position your business as an authority in your industry.

We will create content explicitly for you. Hence pave the path to your online success. As a result, you will generate more revenue.

To put in another way, no more sales pitches. Our information-packed content will engage more prospects by providing value. Build a strong knowledge resource like a blog addressing everything around your business. It’s good to share & keep your prospects informed.

Video Marketing

Certainly, the video is predicted to outperform other online mediums. More than 80% Traffic is expected to come from Videos by 2020.

More than 7 billion videos are watched each and every day on Facebook and YouTube.

For marketing success, Online video, especially on social channels will be highly rewarding. Increase investment in digital video.

High-Quality Images

Our experts particularly focus on High quality, content relevant Images they speak more than thousands of words. We significantly invest in design resources to create compelling imagery.

Finally, We focus on Influencer marketing. A tie-up with people who share your vision & values is crucial for online success. They can help you reach the right customers.




Online Review management is crucial for your business success.

Reviews on social media websites like Google, Yelp & Facebook  & mentions about you on other platforms need special care.

Feedbacks are important for any team as they help in building strong relationships.

Team CTP can provide reputation management services effectively. By monitoring reviews, questions or feedbacks & entertaining them we help in building trust with your prospects.




In Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, marketers bid for placement in a search engine for a specific keyword or phrase.

If your bid is the highest your advertisement will appear above the organic search results.

You pay only when someone clicks your advertisement. We help you advertise for internet users using magnificent and accountable campaigns.
Remarketing ads are also a big hit part of PPC campaigns. You can remarket your products or services to the visitor who showed interest in your services or products.

When a user browses other websites after leaving your site, they will see your ads. Such reminders help in encouraging prospects to complete their purchase and remember your business.




Earn more ROI with successful Email Marketing Campaigns customized based on user’s behavior on your site.

Stay connected with your current & potential customers. Email Marketing is still a very powerful method of marketing and way to keep your service/brand in your audience’s mind.

Content for email campaigns comprises of blog articles, eBook offers, video success stories and invitations to events to name a few.

We provide Real-time campaign statistics about the emails sent and bounced back the visits through the emails to the website etc through marketing-friendly analytics tools.

Emails with a focus on video-based content are great performers. Prospects are nearly 50% more likely to read email newsletters if they include links to a video.
CTP helps you turn un-engaged leads into real dollars for the company, just by utilizing bulk email strategies.




Optimizing your website design & elements, testing what works best to get more conversions.

Be it more sign-ins or PDF downloads or Video views all are part of CRO. User experience is the king & if you implement it conversions will surely happen. Web Ergonomics is all about structuring information, enhancing a website’s usability for better CRO.

Our in-house experts will analyze your visitors’ behavior, restructure your content in line with its user experience. Well designed sites with useful information help users to understand your services & products better.

Result: Your bounce rate drops while your conversion rate increases, with more chances that they will buy from you.

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Interesting Facts
  • First Clickable Banner ad went live in 1994. The campaign was called “You Will” by AT&T.
  • In the 1990s, the term Digital Marketing was first coined.
  • Do you know A/B testing & Online Surveys are great tools? It helps you know which call to action or navigation structure or piece of content or price will yield the highest revenue. No more room for wild guesses. Data helps you take best decisions.
  • More than 82% Consumer Internet Traffic Will Be Video By 2021. Refer the white paper published by Cisco.
  • More than 1/3rd of the internet population is on Youtube and monthly viewers worldwide is over 149 million.
  • Netflix, a popular Video streaming service provider added 8.3 million subscribers during 2017’s final quarter.
  • As per Sales Force report, digital marketing budget will be nearly 75% of the total marketing budget. Rest will be spent on traditional channels.
  • Social Media is the most visited channel by the millennials & Gen Xers.

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