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Customer Engagements Encouraging more Interactions and Building Mutually Beneficial Relationships.

As an experienced Social Media Marketing Agency, we definitely help you build that strong value-added relationship with your new and existing clients. Our strategies are focused to Engage with consumers and get more feedback.

Additionally, we help organizations create an atmosphere where consumers are willing to share their needs with you. Isn't it interesting?

Today, your favourite customers are everywhere Shopping online and offline. Definitely, using multiple devices and channels. Hence it makes sense to tap into the best online resources available.

Definitely, Social Media Platforms are a big go-to channel for website retailers and businesses of all size.

Online retailers have seen a 133% increase in their revenues from social media marketing.

Social media channels, with their marketing intelligence, are an ideal fast-paced source. Obviously, they are great to detect new market opportunities, consumer feedback, and other valuable information.

Make a big impact on social channels. Work with Cloud Techno Partner, a Social Media Marketing Agency with a difference.

Social Media Marketing Agency

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What is Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing in Detail:

Generally speaking, Social Media Marketing is the promotion of products or services, on various social media platforms.

Including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube and more. But these promotions are unlike traditional marketing done on offline channels. 

To explain, it further Social Media Content Marketing is firstly, about quality engagement and interaction. Secondly, end-to-end customer experience, truly impactful content, and real-time customer support.

Social media marketing complements any e-marketing and digital marketing plan.

As can be seen, social media is a prominent source of information for this always-on world. In fact, it is an ideal tool for prospective customers, future employees and other internet users.

Altogether, it has been noted that social factors correlate with a strong Google organic search ranking. Are you looking for a better Google ranking? Do you want help with your Social Channels?

Cloud Techno Partner is indeed your go-to social media marketing agency helping you expand your reach and get more business leads.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing Services

Lead Generation

Social media channels like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and more. Are indeed crucial lead generation channels.

As we know Word of mouth marketing was always beneficial for companies. Surprisingly, the rise of digital and social media has made it even more powerful.


Seamless Customer Service :

Social media provides one of the best platforms for two way communication between businesses and customers. Additionally, it is a great channel to answer customer queries. Also, provide solutions to their problems.

Companies should use social media to make consumers feel valued. Thereby encouraging them to form a strong connection with your brand.

Our social media consultant responds to social interactions in a timely manner. Furthermore, helping in delivering seamless customer service and real-time experience. This surely builds brand loyalty.


Customer Engagement

In the first place companies that use social channels surely Stay top of mind, Build Authority and Huge fan base. Use Social media channels to interact with your prospects and convert them into high paying clients.

Relationship building and increased fan base are the results of regular social listening and engagement.

With this in mind, businesses who allow customers to share user-generated content. Including post comments, product reviews help in building a stronger digital rapport. This content is also known as “earned media”.


Understanding Your Audience :

Certainly, use social listening tools to better understand your audience and market. Send Highly Targeted Messages to tech-savvy consumers. Additionally, boost customer satisfaction and generate significant ROI.


Economical Ad Campaigns

Facebook is the largest social network with incredible tools and data to provide economical Ad services. Further, the built-in data analytics tools enable companies to track Ad campaign success and engagement rate.

CTP is an experienced facebook marketing agency. Our social media manager can surely, help you tap into the key growth opportunities. 

Definitely enhance reach and effectiveness of video ads and other ad units with our ad experts.

In this case, your brand should focus on eWOM – electronic word of mouth like your brand reviews.  And COBRA – Consumers online brand-related activities, such as uploading a picture of your product such as an outfit on Instagram or Facebook. These are free advertising opportunities.

Our Comprehensive Social Media Marketing Services

Get Consistent Audience Growth Across All Platforms
Pinterest Marketing

* Social Posts
* Custom Images Post
* Blog Posts
* Contests
* Advertising Campaigns
* Social Media Competitive Analysis
* Social Media Marketing Strategy
* Social Media Content Creation
* Social Media Brand Reputation Management
* Pinterest Profile Optimization and Reporting


Facebook Marketing

* Community outreach Social Posts
* Custom Images Post
* Blog Posts
* Contests
* Advertising Campaigns
* Social Media Competitive Analysis
* Social Media Marketing Strategy
* Social Media Content Creation
* Social Media Brand Reputation Management
* Facebook Profile Optimization and Reporting


Twitter Marketing

* Social & Blog Posts
* Custom Images
* Contests
* Advertising Campaigns
* Competitive Analysis
* Twitter Marketing Strategy & Content Creation
* Twitter Brand Reputation Management
* Profile Optimization and Reporting


YouTube Marketing

* Custom Video Production - Content Creation
* Video Posts
* Contest Videos
* Youtube Competitive Analysis
* Youtube Marketing Strategy
* Youtube Brand Reputation Management
* Youtube Profile Optimization and Reporting


Instagram Marketing

* Social Posts
* Custom Images Post
* Blog Posts
* Contests
* Advertising Campaigns
* Social Media Competitive Analysis
* Instagram Social Media Marketing Strategy
* Instagram Content Creation
* Instagram Brand Reputation Management
* Instagram Profile Optimization and Reporting


Linkedin Marketing

* Social Posts
* Custom Images Post
* Blog Posts
* Contests
* Advertising Campaigns
* Social Media Competitive Analysis
* Social Media Marketing Strategy
* Social Media Content Creation
* Social Media Brand Reputation Management
* LinkedIn Profile Optimization and Reporting


Our Affordable Social Media Management Services and Strategy

Let’s see what we can do for your business success?

Content Strategy Blueprint :

Our strategic social media marketing services start with detailed blueprint development.

Firstly, this helps in setting up the purpose behind a companies social media channel, the Goal setup.

Secondly creating customer segments and targeting based on their Age, Gender, Language, Geography and more parameters.

Meaningful Content Creation:

Our Social Media Specialists create quality content for Engagement

Including powerful videos, Infographics, and Images to communicate your business message to users.

The experience perceived by the target audience helps in engaging them with your brand. Additionally building long and meaningful relationships. 

Equally important is the focus of these posts. Which is to generate conversion by asking relevant questions to your audience and sharing the information they care about.

Local Social Interactions and Community Building :

Strengthening the sense of community is the main purpose behind our social media services.

Keeping this in mind we focus on Google reviews, Google My Business Listing, and Local Facebook pages

After all, Google favours review management and social interactions.  Social signals surely enhance your website listing on Google search engine result pages, SERPs.

Online Reviews

Reviews, on the other hand, can be used as an opportunity to directly communicate with your customers. Nevertheless, even a negative review can be helpful. Who knows it turns a grumpy customer to a loyal fan.

Use Local Facebook page for each location is crucial for personalised and meaningful engagements. Our experienced social media managers can surely help boost your business pages’ organic reach. 

Facebook Group

Facebook has called out Groups as an opportunity to generate user interactions. And has even mentioned Groups content as receiving the same level of News Feed distribution as posts from family and friends.

Therefore, groups provide a unique opportunity for brands to communicate directly with their fans.

Additionally, Facebook Stories and Instagram stories offer incredible organic exposure. Instagram is a great tool for brands to reach their younger target audience, by sharing pictures and brief messages. Why not leverage the wonders of Social Media with us.

Our Social Media Content Strategy

1. Research and Strategy

Audience research is the key to success. Your content should be tailored based on your target customer segment.

2. Editorial Content Creation

Our social media experts create content ideal for engagement marketing, Encouraging the audience to participate with your brand.

3. Implementation

Implement a strong distribution strategy for relevant traffic maximization.

4. Success

All of our strategies and resources are custom. Based on client industry and business goals. They definitely increase search engine traffic and conversions.

How can you generate leads for your local Business with our Social Media Management Services?

We work with companies across various industries some having offices in multi-locations. It is a pleasure to be part of some successful organizations.

Our social media campaigns firstly, start with an understanding of your specific goals. Secondly, we create and follow our plan of action including:

Local Content Strategy:

Our strategies are ideal for your business success. The localized posts and content are relevant to your local users. 

Moreover, they generate more interactions such as comments and shares. These are in line with your brand’s objectives and tone.

Social Engagement :

Frequently, Responding to customer questions, post comments, reviews, and private messages. Ensuring timely response to questions. 

In fact, encouraging users to share their positive experiences online is a doable task. You just need to be creative.

In short, tips like Delight customer of the week with a small gift or discount for a repeat visit. Surely work wonders. Customers will certainly, share a post online.  In fact, our team encourages them to use your favourite hashtags too.

If you run a local business, restaurant, or store with multiple locations. And have no time or resources to manage social media. We are here to help you in the most effective way. Work with us for consistent delivery of interesting and meaningful information.

Tips to remember for social media success

Use Images for social media campaign success.

Images certainly offer great value to users such as a perspective on your product. In fact info about its size to its colour to its use.

Less Frequent Posts

Whenever possible, do not publish posts frequently, particularly on Facebook. This is straightaway annoying your fans or followers by congesting their news feed. In fact, you are diluting your own messages.

Finally, keep a balance between content created and shared for bots and humans alike.

Always implement and use a data analytics tool to monitor your social campaigns success.

These tools provide you with valuable data. All together in time that data will amplify your social strategy.

By and large Traditional marketing messages with less value see a major decrease in organic distribution. Whereas, posts with high-quality content encourages users to interact and share with each other. So why not focus on value addition.

Target The Right Audience:

Generally speaking, having a huge fanbase on Facebook is not that important. Especially if they are not the right target audience. We all know One-to-many communication is no more productive for us.

To have a vigorous audience activity on social channels Marketers use analytic tools like Facebook Insights. Surely, Implement these tools to create content personalized for the target audience. Specifically based on their demographic and other attributes.

Launch Your Social Media Marketing Campaign For More Targeted Traffic And Business Leads

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We create a content strategy facilitating, highest social media engagement rates. And surely, Drive new customer acquisition for your business.

Further our well executed, customer engagement strategies foster brand growth and loyalty, for the always-on world.

CTP is an experienced social media marketing agency offering various online services. Contact us to learn more about how we can be helpful.

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