Online Entrepreneurship Made Easy

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  • Course level: Intermediate

About Course

Bring your unique talents online, SCALE your INCOME and Inspire others for Social & Economic IMPACT! Be an owner and not a worker. Unlock the life you want to live, the way you want. Follow the steps listed out in the course, master the mindset & become a successful entrepreneur.


Welcome to Online Entrepreneurship Made Easy – Put Your Skills & Passion To Work!

INTRODUCTION  –  Utilise proven strategies to empower yourself and take control of your future. Learn how to take your skills, passion and expertise online. Implement the formula helping individuals and businesses achieve the highest possible position in the internet landscape.


Discover the step-by-step method for putting your most marketable skill to work.

Focus on creating and executing an online business plan.


Learn new business ideas, trends and strategies, helping you transition from an employee to a business owner.


The new online business opportunities encourage entrepreneurship on a grand scale. Similarly, Cloud Techno Partners’ powerful Web Technologies and Internet Marketing expertise can help you turn the internet into a direct connection to local buyers!


Hence be a part of this amazing community, overcome your fears and limiting beliefs, and find the inspiration to change your 9 to 5 lifestyle.  

Right from the AUTHOR –

Hello, Hello, Hello, my name is Sanyam (pronounced as Saiyam), Where are you tuning in from today, Oh my God, I am so excited to see you here browsing this wonderful information source.


A quick note about me I have been an IT Consultant – Online Strategist for small business owners, for the last 10 yrs.


After that, I started helping Social Business owners, and people with Creative Entrepreneurial Spirit. Bring their unique talents online, SCALE THEIR INCOME AND Inspire others for Social & Economic IMPACT. 


Born in an Indian family where Spirituality was basic hygiene, and daily Yoga and meditation practices existed. For me encouraging others were my real calling and a natural fit.

Above all, Serve the Higher-self by empowering others, and using the power of technology & art.


Here I bring in all the professional experience I had working with global clients and mix it up with the personal development aspect of art.


You will surely, find visually appealing forms of art helping you throughout the courses. These will help you think about your life from a different angle.


Tip* Our Knowledge Base topics are researched in-depth, and I try to update the content often.


So if you are an action-taker. Committed to implementing our proven, practical and actionable tactics into play right away!

You are certainly, in the right place. 


Our success rate is very high due to the fact that we’re very hands-on. Above all, our practical tips are tried and tested.


May the force be with you, and help you make MORE with your time & skills.


So Let’s Begin. Thanks for your precious time.

What Will I Learn?

  • Use web technologies to sell your products or services online.
  • Create the perfect online course or program and find clients who would pay you thousands of Dollars.
  • Overcome mental blocks, self-doubt and other mindset beliefs.

Topics for this course

16 Lessons

What is Entrepreneurship?

The Best Definition of Entrepreneurship
How to Break free from the Hamster Wheel?

Starting Your Business

Acquiring Entrepreneurial Competencies


Personal Development

Conclusion – Wrapping up


Target Audience

  • Small business owners, Handicraft, Work from home professionals wanting to start selling online. Having a hard time marketing your products or services, need help with the IT stuff, Social Media, Video marketing, lead generation.
  • For those who believe they are here for some divine purpose, have amazing talents & gifts but not sure how to use them in a prosperous impactful way.
  • Someone who wishes to live life on your own terms with more freedom than a 9-5 job.
  • Individuals wanting to generate income from their Passion, prosper from hobby to full-time business.
  • Someone in the hamster race Who has the same views as - “ The company I work with is draining me. It is kind of damaging my health and I had to skip meals.”
  • Stay at home parents wanting to make a living online without spending years struggling trying to do it.
  • An aspiring Lifestyle blogger, Youtuber, Photographer, Web Designer, Freelancer looking for an online platform to showcase your talent.