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To Foster a Data-Driven Insightful Analytics Culture

Are you Looking for a combination of experts and technology to uncover the ways you engage with your customers?

Without a delay, want to Measure the effectiveness of those client engagement activities. YOU ARE Definitely at the RIGHT PLACE.

We know Measuring the effectiveness of digital marketing is one of the greatest challenges facing organizations today.

Our Digital Marketing Analytics Consulting Service makes it easy for you to get great online marketing results.

In fact, our services include essential reporting on revenue, traffic, and leads. Those assigned to social media, email marketing, search engines, and search engine optimization. Certainly, all our inbound marketing plans you opt for include customized reports.

We Delight our Clients with Web Analytics

Predict Future Outcomes

Analyse Data Trends - Performance of Marketing Campaigns

Use Digital Marketing Analytics to turn your business objectives into measurable outcomes.

Truly, Connect with your Audience and Customers

Success with improved Digital Marketing Analytics strategies and tactics
50+ digital marketing analyst , content creators and digital strategists into an agile team.
Use Digital Marketing Analytics Tools To Make Intelligent Marketing Decisions Based On Evidence And Data
Google Analytics is a great tool.

With this in mind, we help most of our price conscious clients take advantage of our digital marketing and web analytics services.

Surely it is one of our favourite tools. Notably, Google Analytics is great for High-level analysis.  To emphasize more, it allows successful marketers like ours gather real-time customer data and preferences. Hence saving your precious marketing dollars. Isn’t it incredible!

Moreover, google analytics report provide you data to create a more personalized Web experience. In fact, to keep pace with the ever-changing marketing industry High-performing teams continue, investing in such tools and technology.

The Process Of Getting Started With Digital Marketing Analytics Consulting

Step 1
Custom Proposal

Every client deserves a
custom campaign to achieve
their digital marketing and social media marketing goals.

Step 2
The Contract

We compose a contract
and ensure you are
well informed of all
of the services. Nothing is hidden.

Step 3
Finally, Strategy

Based on your proposal,
we will develop a custom
digital strategy for online success.

Analytic Tools To Find the Right Audience And Grow Your Results!

Google Analytics

– This tool is great to get data on Visitors to your website like demographics, buying behaviour,  average time spent and conversions.  Additionally, information on Traffic sources like Referral websites and organic searches is a must.

Keyword planner

– Indeed is the best tool for finding great key phrases for your business.

Google Webmaster Tools

– Provide you with great information under search analytics. To emphasize, what users are searching for within your own site. How do they interact with your website?

Web Crawler

– Used to analyze websites from the SEO standpoint. A crawler tool like  Screaming Frog helps companies extract data related to On-page SEO element for the website you want to analyze.

Besides these other, Digital Analytics Tools providing insight into your target market are ALEXA, SimilarWeb, Moz.

Benefits of Digital Analytics Consulting

How Digital Marketing Analytics Makes Sense out of Every Business Activity?

Business Decision Making :

Definitely, Digital Analytics tools are core to any business. Firstly, they help you make intelligent business decisions. Secondly, simply by digging in deep companies offer personalized solutions to their customers.

Our Team at CTP offers advanced custom reporting particularly, highlighting traffic and revenue. These reports are from specific marketing channels like the search engine, PPC, and social media.

In fact, the creation of custom goals, events, and dashboards in Google Analytics help us achieve a lot.

We proudly say our detailed ecommerce analytics reporting is essential for online stores.

Reveal the Top Key Phrases:

Keyword Analytics reports are crucial for information like queries that lead traffic to your web pages. And the click-through rate for links to your site. 

Isn’t this information is vital for optimizing your Digital Marketing Campaigns, it surely is.

Better Understand Customer Need :

For any Internet Marketing Campaign, success user personas are crucial.  Your analytics software can help you get a better picture of your typical visitor or client. 

Team CTP helps businesses track customer behaviour and use important insights to create highly personalized and contextually relevant Web experiences.

Higher Return on Investment (ROIs)

Successful advertising campaigns use data including demographics, website activity. These help to personalize, segment and target their advertising campaigns. Thereby, reducing their advertisement expense.

Businesses, in fact, see a better ROI with digital analytic tool implementation.

Conversion Rate Optimization :

Internal content and website audit experts need solid marketing tools. Certainly, tools like Google Analytics help your SEO efforts which involve detailed website audit.

Key insights from these reports surely, help in replanning and redesign of those website elements which underperform.

Personalized Engagement :

Email marketing, social media marketing, and mobile marketing are the core of holistic marketing plans. 

The ability to provide best-personalized messages and experiences increase with highly advanced analytics solutions. To example, our ability to gain a deeper, understanding of customers helps companies create personalised emails. 


Team CTP includes High-Performing Marketers with large experience in the Digital Marketing Industry. 

Our digital marketing analytics consulting, and custom reporting services. Will surely, help you make effective decisions regarding your online activities.

To explain, we help businesses track customer behaviour and use important insights to create highly personalized and contextually relevant Web experiences.

Work with our us for successful online campaigns and save more!