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Data-Driven PPC Advertising Services That Occupy The Center Stage

Our PPC Campaigns start with personalization, segmenting and targeting using customer data, website activity. These two are key to successful advertising campaigns.

In the first place PPC advertising services are integral part of search engine marketing strategy. Furthermore it requires a rock-solid paid ads strategy for your campaign success. So, let’s show you the right mix of digital advertising channels out there we use:

* Display Ads or Banner Ads- are part of PPC or pay per click model. Offered by Google, Bing or Yahoo, you can choose as per your budget. These ads help you reach the target audience effectively.

* Text Ads – on the other hand, are also part of the pay per click model & found on the Google search page or Yahoo search. This is a less expensive model & targets more relevant customers. Text ad remarketing, banner remarketing are also very useful in reminding previous visitors to your online assets about your services.

*Advertising on social platforms –  A majority of marketing leaders are increasing ad spending on social channels. Just combine text and display elements., to run successful ads. Well-targeted based on user preferences, location, and demographics.

Facebook and Twitter are two social networks that paid ad specialists rate as highly effective. Hence they are the best options to start with.

*Mobile Ads – PPC also includes mobile ads to help you reach more customers and earn more revenue online.

*Other Paid Media – You can pay for additional display ad opportunities on online newspaper websites, authority blogs & more. You simply pay a fee to “rent” digital real estate space.

*Video Advertising –  Social Media Ads powered by video advertising are the most popular digital advertising strategy. Marketers prefer social networks more than other channels for video advertising.

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Why are Digital advertising services important for any business?

Cost Effective

Pay-per-click advertising (PPC) is one of the most cost-effective marketing & advertising tool. You pay only when someone clicks on your ads placed on search engines, maps, videos, and email platforms.

It increases the number of times consumers are exposed to your brands. Depending upon your ads budget.

Contact our PPC campaign management services specialist to know more about how we can help your business.

Brand Awareness

When People see your ads they start remembering your brand. Which helps in building online trust & reputation.

High ROI

Marketing Analytics & tools have given us the ability to stop outpouring offers and promotions to clients and prospects without any clear direction.

Gone are those days when you ran an advertisement in a newspaper & waited for the results. No more guesswork now, just plain simple data & analysis is all that works.


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The Process Of Getting Started with Paid Advertising.
How can our service help your small and medium business?

CTP helps your run successful paid campaigns resulting in increased conversions and revenue for your company. We implement the following strategies for our client project:

Step 1

Emotional Yet Genuine Stuff:
We love to work as your in-house team or partners. In the end, integrity is what matters.
That’s why our team invests the time to learn more & more about your business.

Our personalized strategy & customized approach that drives results. Helps in establishing long term relationship with most of our clients.

Isn’t this exciting!

It is easier to maintain existing relations than to look for new ones.

Your business success is our success. We focus on value creation, not revenue extraction. Often you will find our team giving you suggestions out of the scope of the services you are paying for.

It is our genuine commitment towards this relation that makes us do that & we are always happy seeing you succeed.

Step 2

Now the business stuff :
Team CTP Starts with business analysis and understanding your best target customer.

As paid advertisement campaigns allow us to highly target your most qualified customers, they are superb for any type of business.

We use Google customer match and audience match to create best-targeted ads.

We start with Low budgets for search advertising, Google AdWords campaigns, Bing or Yahoo.

Our PPC specialists use the right set of keywords for your pay-per-click advertising accompanied by very effective ad copy or landing page for internet advertisements.

Conversion rate optimization including copywriting for your ad campaign, A/B testing, analyzing & using the best keywords. These are crucial parts of our plans.
They help to optimize the user experience of your landing page & find what works best for your business.

Step 3

At CTP we are big fans of remarketing strategy, why not build trust among previous visitors. It is easier to encourage someone visiting your website before.
Ecommerce email retargeting services are one of our favorite.

These are so effective, just like reminders. We craft personalized emails & send them to users who leave your ecommerce store without completing an order purchase.

Our online marketers structure and optimize your advertising campaign on social media platforms.
The focus is to help your business appear across mobile, tablet and desktop devices.

It is important to track your ad performance, your actual conversions.

A huge, huge difference between online advertising & offline.

We deploy Google Analytics & other marketing technology that helps us analyze Conversions like leads, subscriptions, and sales. To ensure you’re getting the most out of your campaign.

We simply love what we do & are expert in our trade.

Looking for starting paid digital ads, we provide comprehensive solutions with analytical tracking and insights all powered with a genuine approach to see your business succeed.

Key Takeaway: 

Paid advertising especially PPC campaigns have the capability to be highly targeted hence for businesses they are cost-effective & deliver results fast like more conversions & more traffic.

As technology is changing very fast keeping up with these tools & strategies is a daunting task for business owners.

You have limited time, therefore, work with a full-service digital marketing agency like ours & focus on what you love doing the most. We will drive results for you for sure.

Paid Advertising Services Pricing

Google Ads

FEATURES Silver Plan Gold Plan Diamond Plan
Monthly Number of Ads & PPC Spend 5 Ads for Any Budget 8 Ads for Any Budget 12 Ads for Any Budget
Google PPC Network Yes Yes Yes
Google Display Network Yes Yes Yes
YouTube Video Ads (Clients need to provide video or additionaly they can choose our web video production package) Yes Yes Yes
Google Text Ad Remarketing & Banner Remarketing (Clients need to provide the banner or pay us for banner design) NA Yes Yes
Keyword research and selection Yes Yes Yes
Competition Analysis Yes Yes Yes
Ad campaign copywriting Yes Yes Yes
Ongoing keyword development and tweaking Yes Yes Yes
Google analytics integration & goal tracking Yes Yes Yes
Results analysis/reporting – Website conversion analysis reporting Yes Yes Yes
Initial banner ad design for display & remarketing Additional $300 Additional $300 Additional $300
Google Shopping Management Yes Yes Yes
Event Tracking through Google Tag Manager NA 5 8
In Depth Insights & Optimization Tool Subscription (Competitor Analysis, Keyword Analysis, for more laser focus targeting) – Ahrefs or Moz NA Client needs to provide the subscription Client needs to provide the subscription
Plan Cost Monthly $500 $800 $1,200
Bing Ads (PPC Networks) Monthly Upto 5 Ads – Discounted price for Google Ads Clients Only $350 $600 $800


Our ppc advertising services are best for small business advertising. If you are interested in our economical paid ads contact us today!

Social Media Advertising Pricing

Facebook Ads / Twitter Ads / Linkedin ads / Instagram Ads / Pinterest Ads

Facebook & Instagram Ads 2 advertising campaigns
Up to 3 unique ads
1 custom advertising image
2 Advertising Campaigns
3 Ads
2 custom advertising image
1 remarketing campaign and ad
Keywords Research, Demographic targeting
Interest, User Intent Targeting
3 Advertising Campaigns
5 Ads
4 custom advertising image
1 remarketing campaign and ad
Keywords Research, Demographic targeting
Interest, User Intent Targeting
Plan Cost Monthly – Discounted price for Google Ads Clients Only $350 $450 $650

Cost of Social Media Paid Advertising depends upon the Channels you Choose. All plans include Keyword Research, Conversion Optimization, Reporting & Analytics. Ad Creative – Additional Cost.

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