Social Media Management Pricing

Social Media Management Pricing : How Much Does Social Media Marketing Cost?

If you are looking for economical social media management pricing plans. Certainly you are at the right place. To emphasis, we at Cloud Techno Partner offer DIY (DO IT YOURSELF) Social Media Marketing Training and Support. Along with Monthly Social Media Management Services.


Nonetheless, our top priority is implementing the best content strategy for your business success. Further, a full-time professional Social Media Expert will be working with you and your team. Certianly, the best way we work is by setting up weekly calls to go over content strategy and execution.


Moreover, if you are trying to engage potential customers, improve brand awareness. Create loyalty and get more business leads. The social media consultants at CTP have the experience and industry insights. To surely, help you get the most out of your internet marketing services.


Moreover ther is no one size fits all social media cost proposal. Each business is unique. Hence, we craft customized proposals to give you the best results for your business.


Above all, if you are interested in our services and wish to know more about our social media marketing pricing plans scroll down.


The Process Of Getting Started with our Social Media Marketing Services. Guide to social media management pricing.

Step 1
Choose Between Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and other social media channels to start with.

Certainly, every client deserves a
custom campaign to achieve their online marketing and social media marketing goals.

Step 2
We Provide A
Custom SEO Proposal

In fact, we will compose a contract
and ensure you are
well informed of the strategy.

Step 3
Strategy Implementation and Reporting

Above all, a dedicated Social Media expert will coordinate with you often and provide monthly progress reports.

Social Media Management Pricing Packages :
How much does our Social Media Marketing Services Cost?

Social Media Marketing Pricing Plans

Social Media Marketing Services

Platforms for Content Schedule and Posting FB, Twitter, Youtube, Google My Business FB, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest, Google My Business
Social Posts Per Month Upto 20 Upto 40
Unique Images Included 10 20
Blog Post Share Included Upto 2 Upto 4
Reputation Management Yes Yes
Contest 1 in a Year Min 2 per Year
Video Promotion 2 4
Competition Analysis Yes Yes
Reporting Yes Yes
Facebook Group Creation & Optimization Yes
Social Media Content Planning / Social Media Calendar Yes Yes
Profile Set Up Additional Additional
Cover Photo & Profile Photo Design/Optimization 1 monthly Upto 3 Monthly
Advertising Campaigns – FB & Instagram Ads Custom Custom

Social Media Management Pricing Packages in Detail. Wondering how much you will pay for Social Media Marketing Services?
Let us discuss ahead!

The social media cost proposal is dependent upon a number of factores. For example, the number of social media sites you wish to work on. The experience of the internet marketing agency you will work with and so on.


Most importantly, when you hire a social media agency they offer you social media marketing price list. Each company has its own expertise and hence the different cost. On an average most companies charge $2000 to $7000 per month on social media management.


In short, the more the number of social networks employed the more is the costing. It is advisable to opt for customized social media content marketing. Google search social media marketing companies pricing and you will get a fair idea of what the latest cost is.

Our Social Media Pricing?

Above all social media channels are extremely effective for marketing. To emphasise, developing strong relationships with potential customers is really a difficult but achievable task. That is to say, it is vital to create content that encourages audience to purchase your products and services. Certainly social media experts at CTP with vast experience as able to help you smoothly.


Facebook Marketing & Advertising. Expand Your Reach.


Expand Your Reach with proven Facebook Marketing strategies. Facebook marketing campaigns, starting $300 per month.

Invest in Twitter Social Media Marketing


Certainly, boost brand awareness and earn more followers.
Twitter marketing campaigns, starting $300 per month.



LinkedIn marketing campaigns, starting at $300 per month.



Instagram marketing campaigns, starting at $300 per month.


“Your team got me loads of sales lead in a short span through amazing content you posted on our social media channels.  The social media management pricing was also economical and within my busget. It was far more than I ever expected! For that I am forever thankful.”- Review by a Hospitality Client From USA.

Client Success : Increased views on Local Search Results by 60%.
105K + Product Photo Views and 300+ monthly business leads.

The Process Of Getting Started with DIY Social Media Management Packages

Step 1
Learn How to do social media marketing step by step.

Every client deserves personal attention and custom campaign to achieve their social media marketing goals. Therefore we give you the personal attention you need. To help you scale up your business.

Step 2
We Guide and Teach. You Engage and Create a Community of Loyal Fans

Additionally, we will provide Videos
& Ebooks to Take Social Media Marketing
Course created by
our online marketing Experts

Step 3

Most importantly, based upon your requirement, we can develop a custom digital marketing plan for your business.