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Travel & Tourism Industry – Mobile Application – Case Study

Mobile Application For Travel and Tourism Industry Client

Platform:- Android, IOS and Web Responsive.

Become a Driver - registration for Drivers.
Book A Ride - registration for Ride For Passengers.
Passenger and Driver Profiles with government Id Verification.
Drivers Of Cabs, Bikes and those willing to travel intercity can subscribe to offer their services.
Payment Gateways.

Map view, my rides, Payment History, penalty history, subscription etc.
My Trip - Display of All the rides booked by Passengers and Drivers with source and destination points, along with date and rides status.

Admin Panel Functionalities

Admin panel showcased details about passengers, drivers, rides, driver penalty etc.
Promotions, Email Newsletters, CMS, Payment Systems and many more Features.

Carpooling, Cab Service Booking and Driver Services - Mobile Applications and Web Applications

When our client contacted us to develop applications for offering the above services.

Our programmers came out with robust solutions which were scalable yet Economical.

We developed IOS, Andriod Applications and Web Application for Passengers to book Intercity Carpooling and Cab Services. And for Drivers to offer their services to the customers.


IOS Mobile Applications
Android Mobile Applications
Web Applications
For Drivers and Passengers


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